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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

27 Dresses

If you are a lover of Romantic comedy just like my self,then 27 dresses is a must watch.
The Story

27 Dresses is a story of Jane (Heigl), a perennial bridesmaid who's had the word no exorcised from her vocabulary. Jane should be getting paid as a wedding planner but instead her full-time job is working as the right-hand woman to the CEO of an environmentally-friendly clothing and outdoor equipment company. Said CEO, George (Edward Burns), is a hunk and a half who loves dogs, does lots of charity work, and is clueless to the fact Jane has a massive crush on him.

27 dresses is a story of Jane (Heigl),a bridesmaid who's had the word exorcised from her vocabulary.Jane who should be earning a living as a wedding planner but instead decided to work as a full time right hand woman to the CEO of an environmentally-friendly clothing and outdoor equipment company.Said CEO, George (Edward Burns), is a hunk and a half who loves dogs, gives lots to charity, and had no idea to the fact that Jane has a massive crush on him.

George however isn't blind to all beautiful women.George falls pretty much head over heels for the perky blonde and no time the two are engaged and Jane's left to plan their nuptials.

Kevin (James Marsden) enters the scene as a newspaper reporter who covers the wedding beat.Kevin's cynical demeanor masks the fact he writes lovely articles that have brides-to-be vying for his attention.Kevin spots Jane going from wedding to wedding and decides she’s worthy of a special column, one which he hopes will do well enough to free him forever from covering the wedding beat – a job he claims to loathe doing. Despite their opposing outlooks on life, Jane and Kevin develop an uneasy sort of friendship. And because 27 Dresses springs from the romantic comedy cookie cutter mold, that uneasy friendship is, of course, the heart of the story.

27 dresses presents Grey's Anatomy fans a chance to watch Heigl charm her way through the role of a reliable bridesmaid forced into wearing some of the most outrageous dresses ever concocted and yet somehow able to smile through the taffeta,lace,and even leather ordeals.The extire film rests on her tender shoulders and Jane's more than able to carry out the task being the lead actor.As predictable as things get, Heigl never lets up and never lets the audience down.


It's hard to imagine a set of complications more routine, but the way that this tiered cake of a farce has been staged, you can practically lick the white frosting off of the plot. Even the satire of the wedding industry plays like a backhanded endorsement of it. There is, of course, a trying-on-clothes montage, though this one has a rare dash of wit: It's Jane modeling all her bridesmaid's dresses (which, according to the film, are meant to look bad, so that they don't show up the bride), as the movie flashes back to the weddings in which she wore them. There's also an intentionally cringe-worthy (though maybe not this much) duet between Jane and Kevin, who take refuge at a bar following an auto mishap. Drunk on whiskey, the two sing along with ''Bennie and the Jets,'' getting down with their bad selves in their most impassioned, white-person fervor, which inspires the entire bar to join in. Love means never having to say you're sorry for acting like an idiot. Or for tying yourself in knots in order to tie the knot. C+

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